1. Back ass process of creating a design.

  2. Making a shirt, slowly but surely

  3. Life drawing Sess.  3/30/14

  4. Soon.

  5. Thumbs and roughs for a t shirt design.

  6. A possible spot illustration for Deer Flat.

  7. A spread illustration for a brochure created for the Deer Flat Refuge in western Idaho.  You can check more of my work at jayrasgorshek.com

  8. Just finished a screenprint! While there is it’s flaws, I can say I’m glad it’s finished and it was an interesting process on collaboration. —1965—

  9. I’m a bit late but I managed to draw some Dark Souls fan art.  This was frostmaw, my character from Dark Souls 1. 

  10. Valentine’s day card for my mom. Naturally I had to screenprint it.