1. Been using this sketch as a warm up to my actual work-work. #nature #ballerinas #sketchbook #process

  2. Waiting on emails so I’m just sketching away today. Showing off my very proud VFT who caught a spider and a moth. Also working out some composition issues on the illustrations for the book. #savagegarden #process VFT #sketchbook #ink

  3. Neville was always heavily relatable to me in the HP series, his interest in botany, social anxiety, and his passion. I missed my plant collection back in Mn, so for my birthday my mom got me a VFT and a parasitic cactus! #savagegarden #VFT #birthday

  4. Detail shot.

  5. I’m starting to worry about my santoro deadline (which is good, I could use the burner on my ass.) here are my newest spread. This is the comic about the forest fire fighters. Text is going to be inserted in post production. #comics #process

  6. Another round of sketches. Most of them bad, a few of them decent. About ready to start drawing that comic. #process #sketchbook #comic

  7. Maps of evacuation areas for the Boise area in case of forest/shrub fires. Circa 1917, research for my forest fire fighter comic for the santuro competition. #comics #research

  8. I certainly missed those great Idaho sunsets.

  9. Where there used to be a journal comic, this fella built his beach house. #sketchbook #illustration #beachhouse

  10. Here is a little preview of a quick commission I did for the Heavy Table guys for the State Fair.